Well, it didn’t take long for the Harley-Davidson Pan America to take on a new job.  This time, it’s being decked out with police equipment.

According to Motorcycle Cruiser,  Harley-Davidson’s police and fleet sales team asked Laidlaw Harley-Davidson to customize a Pan America 1250 Special for police duty.  Laidlaw is a Harley-Davidson dealer east of Los Angeles and is well known for its custom work and YouTube channel.

Police Motor Rodeo

Their work debuted at the Orange County Traffic Officers Association’s annual Police Motor Rodeo.  The event includes multiple skill competitions for traffic officers who spend their days on a motorcycle.  Opening the skill competition to the public allows the officers to demonstrate their skills and raise some money for charity.  And in the case of Harley-Davidson, it’s also a great way for them to introduce the Pan America to police officers.

Police Pan America

Since the Pan America is a new machine, there are not many accessory parts out yet.  So, for the most part, Laidlaw’s modified machine resorted to Harley’s accessory catalog for its customization.

“Adventure” components

Many of the upgrades are what you expect to see on an adventure bike.  Harley’s optional wire-spoke wheels and heavy-duty skid plate fit the bill nicely.

wire spoked wheels

Optional H-D branded wire-spoke wheels were added.

Adding a full set of Harley-Davidson panniers and top box gives the bike some carrying capacity.  And a set of red and blue flashing LED lights to each box gives the machine its police look.

Adding flashing red and blue lights gives that law enforcement looks to the Pan America concept bike.

In addition, the bike gets flashing LED handguards, auxiliary lights, and more flashing red and blue LEDs under the bike’s headlight.

Although this particular Pan America 1250 Special now looks the role of a police bike, it’s not quite ready.  For actual duty, the machine will need at least some communications gear and a siren. In addition, some departments equip their bikes with a rifle or shotgun mounting system and a holster for a radar.

Police Pan America

Police hearts and minds

However, Harley-Davidson’s sales team did accomplish its mission.  That is to get the new Pan America 1250 Special in front of the eyeballs of police motor officers.  Not surprisingly, a PR contact at Harley-Davidson would not provide much more information.  Their only comment?   “We cannot comment on future product.”

But given that the MoCo asked one of its well-known dealers to develop the concept bike, it’s not a giant leap to assume that Harley could have a Pan America 1250 Special police model rolling around city streets in the future.


All photo credit: Morgan Gales

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