Back in August, there was an article, and it received more comments than almost any article that hit the front page before it, and it was about Harley-Davidson entering the adventure motorcycle market.

There were a lot of opinions of its design, weight, the reason why H-D would enter this part of the motorcycle market, etc. and this was all based on one photo.

With the inmates, best wishes or not Harley-Davidson is moving forward with the Pan American and it is on display at IMS.

Details are still scarce on the specs, but an actual motorcycle is here on display.

The Pan America is sitting inside a glass case with lighting and positioning specifically set up to make it difficult to photograph so a video seemed like a better option, but still not the quality I’d like to show you so I apologies for that, but all the same its good that you can see it and know its not a rendering.


The proposed delivery date is still not confirmed but expected to be 2020, this 1250cc engined bike has a physical appearance similar in size to a Yamaha Super Tenere so the weight can only be estimated to be similar.

One thing for sure by the artist sketches in the same location show H-D is taking the look seriously.



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