Harley-Davidson (Harley) continues to think of ways to dress up and enhance the look and capabilities of its motorcycles.  In a recent patent filing, Harley has developed a mounting system which would allow a rider to attach certain accessories to the fuel tank gas cap structure.

The patent pertains to Harley models that have two “gas caps” on each side of the fuel tank.  Harley’s application uses a mounting system that would allow the attachment of different types of accessories to the fuel tank.

Harley’s rendering of a clock mounted in the left “gas cap” location.

All accessories would be interchangeable using the same mounting system.  Thus a rider could switch out accessories as they desire.

Accessories identified in the patent include items such as a clock, compass, temperature gauge, GPS, camera, wireless speaker, and a storage container.  Harley makes it clear that this list is not all-inclusive.

Harley’s rendering of a storage container mounted on the left side of the fuel tank.

Harley also notes that the accessories may be battery or solar powered.

I’m not sure what to make of Harley’s patenting of its mounting system.  Perhaps they are attempting to ensure that they protect their brand by making a mounting system that will only accept Harley branded accessories?

While I get the business implications, is patenting something like this going a bit too far?  What do you think?


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