If your 2018 or later model Harley-Davidson (Harley) Softail® motorcycle feels like it needs some more power, Harley has some good news for you.  Harley is offering a new performance option with the introduction of the Screamin’ Eagle® Milwaukee-Eight® engine for select Softail® model motorcycles.  According to Harley, the new 131 cubic inch (2151cc) V-twin engine is the biggest, most powerful street compliant engine the MoCo has ever created.

The new engine is a bolt-in replacement engine for select 2018 and later Harley motorcycles initially equipped with the Milwaukee-Eight engine.  Harley says the new powerplant is “designed to run at high RPM and to provide a significant boost of torque from cruising speed.” The new engine comes with a 12-month factory limited warranty when installed by an authorized Harley dealer.


According to Harley, the new powerplant uses Harley’s “finest Screamin’ Eagle® components such as:

  • The 4.5-inch stroke of the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine with new 4.31-inch bore cylinders in a patent-protected design.
  • The Milwaukee-Eight Extreme Ported four-valve cylinder heads are CNC-ported.  They also have valves 1mm larger in diameter than the previous generation.  This enhances air/fuel flow and velocity.  The cylinder heads feature fully machined combustion chambers shaped to optimize combustion efficiency.
  • It uses a high-lift SE8-517 camshaft and high-performance cam bearing, high-compression (10.7:1) forged pistons, a 64mm throttle body, and intake manifold, and high-flow (5.5-grams per second) fuel injectors.

Harley says that this combination produces 135 ft-lb of torque and 124 HP at the rear wheel when paired with Screamin’ Eagle® Street Cannon mufflers.  Harley did not release torque and HP figures for the stock exhaust.

In its press release, Harley’s Product Manager James Crean says:

“Our adrenaline-seeking riders asked for thrilling power and torque with reliability.  The Screamin’ Eagle 131 Crate Engine delivers exactly that.  Developed by the Screamin’ Eagle performance team and factory-assembled at Harley-Davidson Powertrain Operations to ensure the highest quality standards, this high-performance engine is genuine Harley-Davidson.”

The price of extra muscle does not come cheap.  The new engine carries a price tag of $6,195 for the oil-cooled version and $6,395 for the “Twin-Cooled” version.  For complete fitment information, you can go to H-D.com.




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