In the past few days Harley-Davidson’s share price has shot up 30%. Just a few days ago before their earnings call on 28 April, online analytics and bloggers were gleefully telling us to expect bad news. The Motley Fool reported

Yet with the market for big, expensive motorcycles already in sharp decline, it’s likely investors will see an all but dead performance from Harley when it reports earnings on April 28.

While as predicted motorcycle sales have been all but dead during the global lockdown, investors are excited about the acting CEO Jochen Zeitz’s plan forward. The Fool reported two days later

Harley plans to revise its strategic outlook so it isn’t as broad-based as its previous More Roads plan. Although the bike maker released few details, the new Rewire plan will focus primarily on key markets and products that are profitable, while maintaining its dominant presence in the U.S.

Acting president and CEO Jochen Zeitz said, “COVID-19 has dramatically changed our business environment, and it is critical we respond with agility to this new reality.” Investors seem hopeful this means it will return more to its roots and be less expansive in its global ambitions.

The company’s share price is down substantially since this time last year, so it is not all good news, but Zeitz has certainly given investors confidence. Earlier this year ADVrider’s The Bear wrote

Zeitz has an incredible track record. Now in his mid-50s, he became the CEO of Puma in 1994 at the age of 30. The brand went from near bankruptcy to one of the world’s largest sporting brands.  More recently he co-founded a charitable foundation with Richard Branson to promote sustainable business practices and written a book with a Benedictine monk: ‘The Manager and the Monk: A Discourse on Prayer, Profit and Principles”. Could he bring the same success to H-D?

I hope so.

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