“You know, well, it was actually probably a good thing that it was killed, because it had turned into a design by committee product and getting kind of messed up, which is something that happens a lot in corporations, you know, everybody wants a piece of something. So, it wound up getting heavier and heavier and weirder and also just wasn’t happening fast enough. And I don’t think Harley was ready for it. I don’t think their dealer network was ready” – Erik Buell

Project Nova was a revolutionary high tech water-cooled series of engines in V-Twin, V4, and V6 configurations H-D was developing. In this extract from the full interview motorcycling and industry legend Erik Buell tells our own legend Chris MacAskill (aka. Baldy) about the great turnaround story that was Harley-Davidson and why the infamous Project Nova was killed. The full interview is here:

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