Just got your new Harley-Davidson Pan America? Maybe have a Sportster, Low Rider or Ultra tucked in the garage? If you’re going to be out on the road during the next couple of months, might as well use your fun time to win some stuff – including, possibly, a flashy new Harley.

Harley-Davidson has kicked off a summer marketing push/contest called the Let’s Ride Challenge,  and riders can win some stuff if they’re willing to dial up the H-D smartyphone app and log some miles. Must you ride a Harley to be involved? No. Do off-road miles count? Yes (I asked, just to make sure).

No, this isn’t an app-based Iron Butt type of thing, it actually works in aggregate. Everybody who fires up the app and tracks their miles adds to the pile, and once the totals reach certain levels, some sweepstakes prizes get “unlocked” (you gamers know how this is going to work). Winners picked at random can scoop up a $2,500 H-D gift card at zero to 999,999 miles total, $5,000 in cash plus the $2,500 gift card at 1 million miles, a hosted ride trip (details not yet specified) with three friends at 3 million, and a custom Harley (details also TBA) at 5 million miles. Just for joining the fun you can win a $1,000 H-D gift card. Again, you don’t have to ride the whole five million miles by yourself.

Additionally, H-D is giving away some swag every day until the contest ends September 30th, including sunglasses, a LEGO Fat Boy set, Riding Academy course and some other bits.

Go here to sign up, go here to read the legal stuff and go here to see if your lucky cousin won something you wanted yet AGAIN. And ride safe.


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