Numerous outlets are reporting that Kawasaki Heavy Industries has reached an agreement to purchase the once iconic Bimota brand.   If true, precisely what the Kobe based manufacturer plans for the brand are not clear.  Several theories about why Kawasaki made a move include:

  • Owning a brand to compete with the premium motorcycle offerings coming from Europe and expand its global portfolio which is mainly Japanese centric;
  • A play to purchase the intellectual property of the now Swiss held brand;
  • Making the purchasing solely as a defensive move to keep some other company from restarting Bimota and a new competitor;

Agreement seen

According to, a “preview” of the deal has been seen.  They point to saying that they have seen a preview of the agreement between Kawasaki and Bimota.  Further, they claim that some of Bimota’s historic suppliers have been contacted informally by Kawasaki management to start the wheels of production turning.


Will the iconic Italian brand resurface again?

Italian outlet reportedly contacted one of Bimota’s founders, Giuseppe Morri, for what he thought about the deal.

“I have no precise information but there are rumours that in recent days are spinning insisitently.  If the acquisition by Kawasaki materializes this news would prove to be well founded and I would be happy and proud because it would mean that the brand was stronger than those who have seriously damaged it in the last 20 years.”

Morri’s statement is far from conclusive.  But it does show that one of Bimota’s founders thinks that reviving the brand would be good.

We’ll have to wait

Unfortunately, no concrete evidence of Bimota’s purchase is presently available.  We’ll have to wait and see if there is a formal announcement in the future.  Several reports claim that an official announcement may be made in the not too distant future; perhaps at the Tokyo Motor Show in October or EICMA in Milan.


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