If you’ve heard of Toni Bou and know what he does, you can likely stop reading now.  Just watch his video and enjoy it.  But if you don’t know Toni, let’s just say that he’s likely got the best motorcycle balance and control skills on the planet.

For those not in the know, Toni Bou is a superstar world level trials rider.  But, perhaps calling him a superstar is an understatement.  Superstars need only be champions a few times in their career.  Bou has thirteen Outdoor World Trials Championships to his name.  And, he won them consecutively.  No one else has won the Outdoor World Trials Championship since 2007!

As if that weren’t enough to make him a superstar, Toni has also won, if you can believe it, an additional 13 Indoor World Trials Championships.  It’s this group of championships that makes him the most successful moto discipline rider, in terms of results, in the world – by far.

It’s not just his balance that is winning those championships.  The trials discipline requires strength and agility both of which Bou has in extreme abundance.  What Bou can do with a motorcycle is nothing short of amazing.

Toni Bou

Vertical climbs? No problem!

Bou took to his Facebook page recently to show off some of those skills.  Bou maneuvers his trials machine through the air and up an almost verticle wall of rocks.  What is even more impressive is the grace and ease that he displays while doing it.

If you’ve never seen a trials event, perhaps Bou’s video will entice you to see one in person.

Featured video and photo credit: Tony Bou Facebook page

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