Many adventure riders know about Heidenau tires.  They are best known for their long mileage.  Riders on heavy weight adventure bikes often claim to get more than 10,000 miles out of the rear.

Of course, this is a very attractive feature for adventure riders.  It’s especially nice on the wallet because you won’t need to swap out every 3,000 miles like softer branded tires.

While at the AIM Expo, we spoke with John Bettencourt, General Manager at Heidenau Tires.  After chatting a bit, John shared that the Heidenau “Scout II” is in development and will replace the K60 Scout.  The tire will feature more aggressive knobbies and may even be a little softer.

The Heidenau K60 Scout Rear Tire

One comment sometimes heard from adventure riders riding on the Scout is that while the rear has an excellent long life and provides good traction, the front tire can be a little squirmy in wet conditions.

Perhaps this is why Heidenau is hinting that the Scout IIs will be a little softer?  I don’t have any information as to why they are going softer with the Scout II, but I’d be willing to trade off a few miles wet weather performance.

A 9,000 mile tire that handles on and off road in dry and wet conditions would be a tire that anyone would like to own.  It will be interesting to see how the upcoming Scout II performs.

Unfortunately, there is no timeline at present, but this was a very intriguing tidbit to from AIM Expo.  We’ll let you know as we get more information.

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