A lot of people like to help and give gifts as they travel, mostly to kids. It’s great as a traveler you are setting a great example for riders that follow behind you.

Kids are easy to please. Small gifts like pens, stickers, a lollipop, a notebook go a very long way to make them happy and impress the parents that the alien on a motorcycle is a great person.

*** A tip if you wear goggles, take them off as soon as you stop. To a little kid you can appear very scary!

But what about those parents, the grown-ups that are out working all day, a great deal of them getting around on motorcycles?

Make a little investment before you head south of the border. Why?

You will come across broken down motorcycles all the time. In the last week in Peru I have stopped to help four different individuals, and over the last year literally dozens. So as my hands-on market research of Latin American breakdowns these are the items that you could bring and be a great help to that stranded rider, and it’ll just cost you around $25 +/-

The two main breakdowns I have seen are a flat tire and a broken chain

Most motorcycles down here are 150cc +/- and use a 428 chain. Grab a few master links, they can cost as little as $9 for two in the US.

Maybe grab a couple of 520 links as well for the bigger bikes

Punctures. Most likely you have a pump of some kind, most like they don’t. Most likely you have tire irons, most likely they don’t? But they still have a flat tire, an inner tube with a hole in it!

A small puncture repair kit can cost as little  as $3 as well. Give as a gift after you’ve helped

When you run out just replenish your supplies when you get some oil. All motorcycle shops here hold a stock of these things.

What if you can’ fix their bike? Give them a tow to the next town.

So another item you need in your kit is a tow strap.

Yes you can get 1″ versions. These will be good tow a 150cc bike and rider but if you are on a bigger bike and you need a tow, eventually, they will snap. I’ve had two snap here in Latin America in less than a year

Do yourself a favor grab a  2″ version, and remember towing peg to peg is the way to go for easier towing


Who knows where this interaction will lead? It could be an invite for dinner, somewhere for you to sleep, or even a lifelong friendship.

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