Harley-Davidson’s Pan America adventure bike concept has reappeared, this time in a set of drawings filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

We had our first glimpses of the Pan America mid-summer in 2018, when MoCo executives unveiled it as part of a massive announcement about the company’s future plans (they also showed off the new 1250 Custom muscle cruiser and 975 Streetfighter at the same time). But the photos didn’t give much information, and there were very few of them. The same goes for the promo video, which only really revealed that a brave test rider had jumped the prototype, risking the wrath of the development team if he’d crashed it.

Now, the newly unearthed drawings tell us a bit more, although we’re still left in the dark regarding actual tech specs. As a whole, the bike looks mostly unchanged, although this is the first good look we’ve had at the left-hand side. Most interesting is the bike’s cast wheels. This is no guarantee the production machine will come so equipped, but don’t be surprised if that’s the case, even though the first photos we saw had wire wheels. Why does this matter? Cast wheels are more easily damaged when riding off-road and if that’s what the Pan America uses, it’s going to be something to upgrade for dirt riding.

What else? It’s also noteworthy to see the sari guard included. This shows the bike is intended for the Indian market, as well as the European Union (probably indicating some level of Indian manufacturing, due to that country’s restrictive import laws, at least in the form of knock-down kits).

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