When the Husqvarna 901 Norden concept bike appeared at EICMA in November 2019, it stole the show. A postmodern adventure bike? It’s just what the people wanted! But, would the production version be as edgy as the mock-up flogged on the show circuit?

Now we know what that bike will look like, sort of, thanks to leaked KTM internal documents. Remember, Husqvarna is part of the umbrella of companies controlled by Stefan Pierer, along with KTM and Gas Gas, and those companies are all sharing technology these days, and there’s all sorts of financial inter-connectivity—remember that Indian manufacturer Bajaj also owns a huge chunk of this conglomerate. It all looks somewhat like an organization from a James Bond film, but focused on making motorcycles, not dominating the world (we hope!). Far as we know, there are no current plans in the company to attack Fort Knox.

Anyway—in one of the company’s recent investor documents, we got this black-and-white photo of the Norden 901, as seen above. Yes, it’s super low-res, but that’s what happens when you’re pinching images from a business plan.

Expect the Norden 901 to have the same engine as KTM’s Duke 890, which is basically a hot-rod version of the 790 parallel twin. The suspension is probably up-spec’d, on par with the higher-end 790 Adventure lineup. Of course the bodywork has that Bladerunner look, that’s typified all of Husqvarna’s new street-legal bikes. You can also likely expect a fairly stiff MSRP, as Huskys don’t come cheap these days. That might make the 901 a bit of a tough sell in the COVID climate, but then again—it’s not like everyone’s broke these days. There’s still plenty of money floating around, and it’s not like the Norden was ever aimed at the hoi polloi to start with.

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