BMW continues to tease its plans for future electric bikes, revealing the new Definition CE 04 electric scooter concept this week.

This is nothing new for BMW. The C Evolution electric scooter appeared all the way back in 2013, as the company’s first battery-powered stepthrough to actually make it to market. The rest of the C-series scooters made it to North America, but not the C Evolution, which remained a Euro-only model.

Since the C Evolution debuted, BMW’s been teasing other battery bikes, ranging from practical step-throughs (Concept Link) to wild naked bikes (Vision DC Roadster). BMW’s also founded a high-tech battery research centre, with scientists delving into arcane electrical mysteries. Of course, this is probably primarily intended to develop BMW’s auto lineup, but the motorcycle division should benefit as well.

The Definition CE 04 shows BMW’s continuing development of its electric scoots, and the company seems closer to developing a new production model. This latest concept has the battery pack towards the front of the chassis, under the floorboards, with the engine towards the back, closer to the rear wheel. Supposedly, the batteries are good for 75-80 miles of range; BMW hasn’t given us official specs for battery capacity, but that’s probably enough for urban commuters. In the video above, you can see the BMW insiders saying they realize that battery range isn’t enough for a GS or RT model, but they’re working on that! That’s good news, considering gasoline-powered bikes are going to be forced out by Euro regulations, sooner or later.

Otherwise, stay tuned on this electric concept. It might not be the practical all-round motorcycle we’re hoping for, but it will indeed work for many riders, and it certainly looks cool. BMW declined to give a release date, but it seems pretty keen to whet the public’s appetite for this machine (full electric motos are still probably four years away). With new 10.25-inch TFT screen and a cool integrated riding jacket, this machine will certainly appeal to the tech-focused generation, although pricing will no doubt have a major impact on this scoot’s success on the market.

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