Tuning into YouTube, Husqvarna is giving us another glimpse of the 901 Norden, with explorer/adventure Mike Horn and Dakar alien Cyril Despres once again hooning about in Iceland.

And hey, look: We even see the new bike doing some crash testing, a rare happening for a promo video! Mysteriously, the adventurers seem to be down to a single motorcycle after that happens … There’s a flat tire change, too. At least Husqvarna isn’t afraid to show us the non-glamorous side of adventure riding, as these guys ride madly off in all directions.

Wen Norden?

Husqvarna is planning to release the new Norden 901 at the end of October; expect ride reviews sometime around then, along with a full spec sheet release from Husky. After that, we should see the bike on the market for next riding season, as a 2022 model, unless COVID-19 interferes again.

When it debuts, you can expect a machine that’s similar in many ways to the KTM 890 Adventure, since both bikes are based around the same engine and probably the same frame. Expect there to be more differences than a bodywork makeover, though. Husqvarna and KTM may share a lot of technology, just as they share corporate ownership, but they have differences in suspension and other components.

In the days before the bike’s release, the word on the street is that the Norden is going to be a little softer around the edges than the 890 series from KTM, although we won’t know for sure until someone actually sits on the thing and rides it.

After the 901 debuts, we also expect a 401 or 501 version of the Norden in coming years, based around KTM’s new mid-weight parallel twin—read Mike’s write-up here for more details.

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