I really like a bike that checks a lot of boxes. Something that can eat up corners, hold steady and straight for long stints on the freeway, has some storage and some curb appeal; a daily rider that could also tackle a continent. For me, the 2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT has just about every item on my must-have list. But there’s always room for improvement, and if I were to have one in my garage today, these are the five upgrades I’d make to sweeten the deal.

I need to note that all of these upgrades come directly from Yamaha, and we are in no way shape or form paid to hype this kit. I like the idea of tacking these items on to the total price of the bike and getting them installed before I ride off the first time. It’s what I’d do if I won the lottery and money was no concern.

Yamaha Tracer Comfort Seats

There’s no question I’d want a more comfortable seat on my new Tracer. Photo: Yamaha.

Yamaha Comfort Saddle Rider & Passenger Set

Since the Tracer 900 GT is primarily for asphalt, there’s going to be a lot of time sat back in the seat. I would upgrade the stock unit immediately and get a more comfy perch for myself and the occasional passenger from Yamaha. I dig the look of the additional padding incorporated into seats and like how it seamlessly fits with the aesthetic of the rest of the bike.

Yamaha Tracer Windshield

The taller, wider windshield would make long rides on the freeway much more comfortable. Photo: Yamaha.

Yamaha Touring Windshield

I’m six-feet tall, and the upright position of sport touring bikes like this often leave me just above the protection zone on stock windscreens. I would definitely want the additional three-and-a-half inches height and three inches width provided by the touring kit Yamaha offers. For around town riding, I might swap out for the stock shield simply for looks sake, but this windscreen would be a necessity for longer rides.

Yamaha Tracer Yoshimura Exhaust

More for the sound than anything, I’d pop a new set of pipes on the Tracer too. Photo: Yamaha.

Yoshimura Tracer 900 Y-Series Full Exhaust System

I wouldn’t necessarily be looking to eek out extra performance with a new exhaust system, I simply love the sound of the crossplane Triple hooked to a quality pipe. Yoshimura is nice too because the sound is enhanced and performance improved, but not to a level that’s going to drive you or your neighbors crazy. The subdued, throaty growl of a Yosh pipe that’s CARB and EPA compliant is a touch to help stir the soul.

Yamaha Tracer Rear Rack

I would also need a place for a top case or somewhere to lash down my dry bag. Photo: Yamaha.

Tracer 900 Rear Rack/Top Case Mount and Top Case

The GT comes with saddlebags, but having a rear rack and top case mount is going to be necessary at some point when I finally get to take my new Tracer out for a long haul. This bundle would have me dialed with hard luggage all around, or I could lash a dry bag on the back if I wanted to leave the top case at home. I like having options.

Yamaha Tracer Tank Pads

Tank pads make it easier to grip the tank with your knees. A quick, simple upgrade. Photo: Yamaha.

Tracer 900 Side Tank Pads

I like to have a sure grip on the tank with my knees when I’m taking the corners, and a set of tank pads really makes a difference. Plus these are designed to integrate into the overall look of the bike perfectly, which is a plus.

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