Royal Enfield has unveiled the new Bullet Trials Works Replica series, in 350 cc and 500 cc versions, bringing scrambler styling to the Bullet series.

The machines get their awkwardly long name as tribute to the original Royal Enfield machines that tackled the International Six Days’ Trial, thumping the competition handily.

The new machines will be doing some thumping of their own, but not on the competition scene—they’re not intended for hardcore off-road use. Instead, the thumping will be coming from the air-cooled single-cylinder motors, well-known for their years of service in the standard-trim 350 and 500 Bullet models. It seems the engines are unchanged for this new machine; Royal Enfield did not produce a hot-rod version, as it did for the Continental GT cafe racer. That means you can expect about 20 horsepower from the 350, and 27.5 horsepower from the 500.

It’s very easy to tell the bikes apart. The 500 version comes with a green frame, the 350 comes with a red frame. Silver and chrome bodywork is standard, otherwise.

We haven’t seen any word yet on whether the suspension is upgraded from standard Bullet models, but even if it is, it’s not beefed-up that much. Both machines will have 19-inch front wheels and 18-inch rear wheels. The bikes have a low-mount exhaust header with upswept tailpipe, like many classic Brit trailbikes. There’s knobby tires, an enduro-style handlebar, minimalist bodywork, fork gaiters—but overall, the machines don’t look to be basically that much different from standard Bullet models.

It appears there will be plenty of accessories available to widen the gap between the machines, though. Luggage racks, skid plate, headlight guards and other handy bits will help owners make the bikes more rugged, albeit at extra expense.

Speaking of expense: these bikes are expected to hit the Indian market in the near future, but will not be available in North America anytime soon. And, we have no word of pricing when they do so. However, the MSRP in India puts pricing below the more expensive Euro scrambler offerings, and we’d expect the same in other markets.

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