The Best in the Desert racing series has announced its 2022 series schedule, and once again motorcycles are included in most events.

According to Best in the Desert’s press release, this is the plan for 2022 at this point:

  1. Parker 250
    January 6-8, 2022
    Parker, Arizona
  2. Parker 425 Pre-Run
    January 9, 2022
    Parker, Arizona
  3. Parker 425
    January 20-23, 2022
    Parker, Arizona
  4. UTV Legends Championship
    February 17-20,2022
    Laughlin, Nevada
  5. Adelanto Grand Prix
    March 17-20, 2022
    Adelanto, California
  6. Silver State 300
    April 28-30, 2022
    Alamo, Nevada
  7. Vegas to Reno
    August 10 -13 , 2022
    Las Vegas, Nevada
  8. Battle Born 200
    September 22-25, 2022
    Ely, Nevada
  9. Laughlin Desert Classic
    October 20-23, 2022
    Laughlin, Nevada
  10. World Hare & Hound
    November 4-6, 2022
    Tonopah, Nevada

Points from these races will go towards the Best in the Desert championship. At this point, the event organizers are still nailing down sponsors and other important details, to be announced in coming weeks.

Best In The Desert CMO, Bryan Folks said this year’s schedule was put together with consideration towards racing budgets and costs, which is no doubt good news for perennially cash-strapped racers.

As always, the planned schedule could change down the road—pandemics plus all the other variables messing up our modern world make it hard to set a schedule in stone these days. Same goes for the TV schedule (see 2021’s remaining showtimes here).

Best in the Desert has a wide range of classes available, even inside the Pro and Amateur motorcycle sub-categories. You can see the whole list of classes here, and determine where you might fit in. There’s some info on the series’ safety regulations here, and the general rulebooks are available here—note that motorcycles have their own rulebook.

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