For some of us, a motorcycle is best-used as just that: A motorcycle. Ural is offering something else with the new Weekender SE model; this sidecar hack can be used as the basis of a pretty broad camping trip, with a trailer hitch allowing all sorts of outdoorsy utilitarianism.

At its core, the Weekender SE is really a two-wheel-drive Gear-Up model, with power going to the bike’s rear wheel as well as the option of powering the sidecar wheel, if you get stuck. However, the Gear-Up is a pretty bare-bones military model; the Weekender SE gets a fun paint job, some fog lights, stainless steel trim, and other cosmetic updates. Of course, it’s still powered by the same fuel-injected flat twin as the Gear-Up.

Hrm. That Coleman lantern might not be in mint condition, after a few potholes …

Overall, it looks like Ural is going for a that fun-loving scrambler theme that other companies have exploited so well the past few years. The Weekender SE even has an optional trailer hitch receiver, allowing riders to attach a bicycle rack or other useful gadgetry—all the better for your weekend at the campground or the beach or wherever.

Alas, the fun ends when it comes time to pay for this rig. The Ural Weekender SE is currently priced at $21,079 US, or 26,079 CAD. You can buy a brand-new Jeep for that kind of money, and it’ll come with a roof, stereo and a heater. Ural’s pricing is definitely a bit of a sticking point for many buyers, and this year, availability has been difficult as well, although the company says it’s working on fixing the issue. As per Ural’s press release: “Inventory is still very tight as a result of interruption in manufacturing earlier this year. The factory is ramping up the production to meet the demand across our global markets. 2021 models will not have any changes in specifications. Model line up, colors and the pricing  will remain unchanged from the model year 2020. 2021 inventory will be hitting the North American shores later this month. We are currently offering a $500 Trade In Rebate. If you are a Ural Owner thinking to upgrade, we offer a $1000 Loyalty Trade In Rebate towards any new 2019 or newer Ural.

Intrigued? Find more details and photos of the Weekender SE at the Ural website.

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