When we last saw the Volcon Grunt, it was just a far-off promise.. with a lower price tag and a ship date of … +checks notes+ last spring.

Fear not, friends! This offroad-only, Texas-built, tank of an electric motorcycle is currently shipping! Sure, it’s a few months late, and yes, the MSRP is a couple thousand dollars (US) more than originally teased, but hey! Here it is.

You can buy one of these trail bikes for $7,995 (plus $800 shipping if you don’t live within dirt-riding distance of Round Rock, Texas, where they’re based). The Volcon website notes that if you have not already pre-ordered, an order for a Grunt placed now won’t ship until November 1. And yes, just like any other online merchant, you can pop over to the Volcon website, place one of these bikes into your shopping cart, plunk in your credit card number and, I imagine, blammo — one Volcon will appear in your driveway in time for Thanksgiving, maybe!

But Why?

If you are looking sideways at this thing wondering who, exactly, it’s for, well… same, friend. It looks like someone stayed up too late drinking and staring at pictures of Rokons. Perhaps they were even cozying up to one in their own garage, saying “we could stuff an electric motor in there, and name it something like the Electric Voltage Rokon! ..No wait!”

The video doesn’t tell us a whole lot, other than that it has upside-down forks, and a chain drive, and tires that look like they’ll float right over every mud puddle the rider encounters.

The Numbers

According to the website, the Grunt has a 32″ seat height, and weighs 250 lbs. The 25kw electric motor boasts “up to” a 75 mile range with, it notes, an additional battery. It has three ride modes: Sport, Explore, and Stroll. It also has reverse. Here’s a stat you don’t see on too many motorcycles: a 750-lb towing capacity. Its standard 2.0kWh battery can be upgraded to 2.3kWh, available March 1, 2022, additional price TBD. The bike’s range with standard battery is not published.

Maybe you need an offroad bike that’s silent and won’t scare your farm animals. Maybe you want a dirtbike that will float over loose gravel and mud. Perhaps an extremely goofy electric pit bike is in your future. Me? I’m keeping an eye on this American-made bike to see if they ever become street-legal.

No matter what, if you buy one, can I ride it?

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