The guys at have done it again, using the power of the Interwebz (or a well-trusted network of cover informers?) to unearth patent drawings of Harley-Davidson’s new V-twin. says these shots were recently registered with the European Intellectual Property Office in eight different filings, covering the engine and all its external components.

This is the basic engine platform that will supposedly power Harley-Davidson’s new Pan America adventure bike, along with its new Streetfighter and other machines slated to appear between 2020 and 2022. Visually, it’s plenty different from past iconic V-twins produced by Harley-Davidson; there’s a liquid cooling system, instead of sheets of air cooling fins. It appears to be a 60-degree engine, while Harley-Davidson is best-known for its 45-degree V-twins (the liquid-cooled V-Rod engine was a 60-degree engine, as are the new Revolution X engines in the Street lineup, but neither of those platforms turns the crank of most hard core Harley-Davidson lovers).

Last summer, when Harley-Davidson announced the new liquid-cooled models were coming, it hinted at three or four different displacements. The Pan America is supposedly going to be in the 1250 cc class, the Streetfighter is probably going to be a 975, and the new slammed cruiser Harley-Davidson teased is also probably going to be a 1250. We’ve been told to also expect a 500-class machine, although that doesn’t really sound right, as Harley-Davidson already has a bike in that class, and it’s hardly selling like mad. Would the Motor Company revisit this class yet again? Stranger things have happened.

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