Like we told you earlier this year, Hertz Ride* is now renting bikes and offering guided and self-guided tours in the US. Now, Hertz Ride says it’s planning to open more US locations in the near future.

Hertz Ride, as the motorcycle service is called, already offered bikes and tours in overseas destinations, but hadn’t expanded into the US until this year. Currently, Hertz has motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas and Riverside. For now, Hertz offers BMW motorcycle rentals (K1600, R1250, F750 lines), and partners with Nexx helmets and REV’IT! gear.

In the near future, that list of US locations is going to expand greatly. Hertz says it is going to have rental locations in Long Beach and San Francisco, as well as Chicago, New Jersey and Miami. No doubt more US locations will be added after that, and Hertz says it wants to expand the motorcycle service to other countries as well—Canada, South Africa, Australia, India, Japan, Scotland and Ireland. For now, it also offers rentals in France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia and Portugal. It’s been operating bike rentals in the EU market for 10 years.

A quick scan of Hertz’s pricing shows variance in pricing depending which model you select and the duration of the rental, but pricing seems to be relatively reasonable, perhaps even a bit less than some competitors. Hertz does offer one-way rentals, and the rental deal includes a helmet comm system, GPS, a phone holder, a jacket, a helmet and luggage storage. Check out for more information, or to book a rental.

* Hertz Ride is very keen not to be confused with Hertz. Similar branding, different companies.

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