A franchisee of car rental organization Hertz is broadening its horizons. Hertz Portugal, a franchisee of The Hertz Corporation, which is operated by the Hipogest Group, has announced that it will be renting motorcycles in the USA under the brand Hertz Ride.

Hertz Ride now offers motorcycle rentals in Europe and the US.  The idea started as “motorbike collection” and was offered only in Portugal.  But now, the company has moved to take motorcycle rentals more seriously.

Hertz Ride models available

The company rents BMW motorcycles to include the following machines:

  • F700 GS
  • F750 GS
  • F850 GS
  • G310 GS
  • K1600 B
  • K1600 GA
  • R 1200 GS
  • R1250 GS
  • R1200 RT
  • R1250 RT
  • R Nine T

With this product breakout, it looks like BMW is looking to cover and rent motorcycles from nearly all moto segments.  Whether they plan to offer any other brand of motorcycles is not known.

Hertz Ride

Hertz Ride offers BMW motorcycles. Photo credit: Hertz Ride

Duarte Guedes, CEO of Hipogest Group and Hertz Portugal said …

“It is with great enthusiasm that we are now officially opening our operations in Las Vegas and Riverside, California offering our top products to those who, like us, seek dream adventures on two wheels. Bringing Hertz Ride to the United States has always been our ambition and we look forward to offering our customers a quality,
exciting service. Riders can now experience some of the most iconic roads and
landscapes on earth on one of our top-class, especially equipped motorbikes.”

Rental locations

Hertz Ride now offers motorcycle rentals in the following countries:

  • Austria
  • France
  • Italy
  • Montenegro
  • Portugal
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • USA (Las Vegas and Riverside, California).

For a complete list of locations, you can go to Hertz Ride’s website.

Hertz Rides is also offering 12 different guided and 8 self-guided tours in Europe.  Tours do not presently seem to be available in the USA.

If you are renting, it seems that Hertz wants to outfit you as well.  According to a press release issued by Rev’It and Nexx brands, they are the official apparel and helmet partners of Hertz Ride.  They also indicated that anyone wishing to purchase their gear at the end of their ride can arrange to have their gear drop-shipped to their home address.

This new initiative is an exciting one.  Having more motorcycle rental options can only be a good thing and it’s nice to see a company as large as Hertz take motorcyclists seriously.



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