To be honest, I was never a big fan of this “bulky blankets” you see on motorcycles, mostly because of their odd look.

Then, I had to ride through USA and Canada during one of the coldest winter in 20 years, so It didn’t take much to become a huge fan of these.

Since I found myself being in Oregon, USA, at the time of purchase, I was exposed to Hippohand, one of the local brands.

The logic behind the brand is simple: keeping your hands dry and warm, which probably makes a lot of sense, if you live in Oregon.

The fitting is universal and the color scheme is clearly all black with some reflective bands in front.
The company makes 3 models, oriented for the different climatic conditions: Rogue, Alcan and Back Country.

Rogue is oriented to temperatures above freezing point. When things start to become a bit rougher, Alcan provides extra length and extra protection against wind; Back Country is dedicated to off roading and single tracks kind of riding, being extra slim but still providing a great protection against wind, water and the occasional tree branch.

What is great about this product is that since i started using it, I can’t get enough of it.

At the beginning I was clearly using it to shelter my hands against the cold Canadian winds, but then I immediately noticed that, even when raining intensively, the Hippo Hands, were keeping my hands/gloves dry.

So, in a way, I became a huge fan of this simple but extremely handy product and I also felt very silly, thinking about how many cold and wet hands I could have saved myself from, If I had bought this product before.

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