HJC has debuted a new full-face on the market, the F70, with intentions of positioning it as a mid-range helmet for the sport or touring markets.

The F70 continues HJC’s tradition of emphasis on affordability, with pricing at $269. It comes in two shell sizes (XS-M for smaller heads, L-2XL for larger). Fiberglass construction keeps the weight down.

Although the F70 looks fairly conventional from a distance, once you’re close, you can see the face shield has a bit of an unusual design along the bottom. The protrusions should make it easy to open and close the face shield for ventilation, though, and should be usable by either hand, instead of the left-hand-only design that some manufacturers believe in.

To prevent fogging, there are two massive vents underneath the face shield, and another two on top of the helmet, with five escape vents at the back of the helmet. There’s a rather beefy-looking breathguard as well, and the internal drop-down sun shield is anti-fog coated.

The face shield is distortion-free, and blocks 99 per cent of UV radiation.

The F70 is going to be available in a variety of colors that includes a new matte-style finish. It comes with DOT certification.

The F70 is also compatible with the new Smart HJC comm set, developed in conjunction with Sena. This communications system is designed to fit discretely into the helmet’s lining, instead of clamping on the side, and is available in two versions. The Smart HJC 10B can connect with one other rider at a distance of up to 400 meters, and offers the usual Bluetooth compatibility with mobile devices, so you can listen to music in-helmet, or talk on your phone. It will retail for $140 US. There’s also a Smart HJC 20B, which allows eight-way communication with other comm sets, at distances up to 1,600 meters (a mile). It’s going to retail for $300 US.


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