If you’re looking for a retro helmet, there’s a new option from HJC, with a blend of retro looks and up-to-date features.

HJC is best-known for affordable, middle-of-the-line helmets that might have flashy graphics, but the bold styling is usually only skin-deep. The South Korea-based manufacturer tends to keep its helmet shells along fairly conventional patterns, and sometimes it takes a few years for HJC to switch into a new market. With the exception of a classic open-face helmet, HJC wasn’t selling any retro helmets.

Not anymore, though. HJC’s new V90 helmet is definitely aimed at the retro market, with a bubble visor that recalls the glory days of helmet safety in the 1970s and 1980s. Or at least, the visor looks like something from the helmets sitting in the back of your uncle’s garage, on top of that old Johnson Sno-Cruiser that hasn’t run since 1991.

The rest of the V90’s design still doesn’t push the envelope too far, and it’s got some flash modern features. For starters, it’s a modular, while most of the modern retro helmets (is that an oxymoron?) are just standard configuration, with no flip-front. It’s also got an internal sunshade, and the liner foam has cutouts for helmet comm speakers. It’s also got proper venting, unlike some totally-enclosed retro lids.

For now, it appears the V90 is only available in no-nonsense white, black and silver glossĀ  or semi-flat finishes. No fancy-pants metalflake paint, at least not yet. The shell is old-school polycarbonate, and the helmet comes in two shell sizes. It’s available in XS-XXL, and pricing is $319.99-$329.99 in the US (no word on Canadian pricing yet, but EU pricing seems to be 320-330 euros). That sounds a bit pricey, but no doubt there’ll be healthy discounts at the retail level, Revzilla already has it at a discount here.

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