Cam straps have been around for a long time, most of us use some variation when holding gear onto our bikes.

A top bag, for example, is the usual place most riders might use them, two straps configured, and pulled tightly to hold that piece where you need it.

Here are four options you might not be aware of to hold your gear a little more securely to your ride.


Mosko Moto sells Steelcore Locking Strap, they protect your bag from would-be thieves. It locks the bag to the bike and locks the roll-top closed with a single strap, providing peace of mind when your bike is unattended for a short period, for example at border crossings.

Mosko Moto also offers that if you buy two or more straps they can key configure them all identical so no excess keys are required

Also, in Mosko’s line up are there own BACKCOUNTRY CINCH STRAPS designed not only to hold your gear in place

We designed these straps to function as an emergency tow strap if you have a breakdown



Green Chile ADV sells Mondo Straps, not your normal cam strap, their straps have a tubular webbing over the expandable parts to restrict over-tightening and putting undue stress on the expandable rubber section as other brands do, and no plastic parts to fail.

By doing this, it eliminates a failure point for years of service, and keeps your gear in the exact place you tied it down in the morning.



Roller Cam sells the patented roller cam straps, they took time to redesign the older version used by many companies and improve on it but adding a roller to hold tension and not lose it because of wear or vibration

They are sold in lengths varying from 1 foot all the way to 20 feet, your choice, and in a few different variations of style depending on what your intended use is.

By eliminating the friction between the front of the cam and the webbing, the resultant force in the tight end of the strap is higher than a standard cam buckle or cinch strap.  The Rollercam® technology allows ease of use, higher resultant force and even finesse when tightening objects.


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