Honda is inviting you to ride Iceland.  If you are an owner of an Africa Twin and are willing to pay €5,000, Honda will show you around this amazing and beautiful country for 11 days.  The ride in Iceland is part of Honda’s Adventure Roads program.  Previous Adventure Roads programs took place in South Africa and the Nordcapp area.

If you sign up for Honda’s latest iteration, Honda will provide you with an Africa Twin.  There will be a mixture of Standard, Adventure Sports, and Adventure Sports ES models to choose from.

This tour will take you around the island nation on a yet to be determined route.  Honda says that the journey will be “challenging.”  Because of this, participants must have at least five years of off-road experience and be between 25 to 70 years of age.


To help you navigate, all bikes will come prepared with a sat/nav unit (GPS), and you’ll have access to an app, “which will detail the route.”  To make the going somewhat more manageable, a vehicle will follow and carry your luggage.

Honda is limiting the group ride to 30 participants.  Because of the terrain, Honda will not allow pillion passengers.  Joining the tour will be a “medical car” and a paramedic.  Three mechanics will also be on hand to assist with mechanical issues.

Honda Iceland Africa Twin

One of Honda’s Africa Twin models during a previous adventure roads tour.

Honda says that its Honda Ambassadors will also be in attendance.  They have not yet identified who they are, but it’s a good bet that some well-known expert riders will attend.  The ambassadors will not only escort you through the route but will also provide training to the participants.

Interestingly, Honda is also limiting the tour to people who own Africa Twin motorcycles.  Sometimes rides like these are brand specific, but Honda says only owners of the Africa Twin are eligible.

From Honda’s Adventure Roads website:

Do I need to own an Africa Twin?

Yes, Honda Adventure Roads is designed for Africa Twin owners to truly experience the best of the latest Africa Twin in Iceland.

Perhaps that’s because they want to showcase that particular machine?  It could also be that they want everyone to have experience with the bike before taking on the “challenging” route in Iceland.  Still, requiring a person to own a particular make and model of a bike seems to be a bit limiting.

Maybe Honda has sold-out previous tours and doesn’t need to worry about having full attendance?  Regardless, somewhere along the line, you’re going to have to tell Honda that you own an Africa Twin.

The tour runs from Friday 25 June 2021 until Monday, 5 July 2021.  The deadline to register is 31 January 2021.  If you are interested in attending this latest version of Honda’s Adventure Roads series, you can find more information on their adventure roads website.

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