Want an almost-new adventure bike? Sure, you could hie thee down to the local dealership and start throwing rolls of crisp Franklins at them, but then you’ve got a bare bike. Time to start throwing more Franklins at the aftermarket: New bags! Skid plate! Mirrors! And then you need a weekend, or more, to install it all.

Or, you could get over to Bring a Trailer and bid on this tricked-out 2021 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports model, put together by Overland Expo staff. Not only does it come ready-to-ride, the proceeds of this sale are going to help the Overland Expo Foundation.

An original Africa Twin model. Photo credit: Rikita – Wikimedia Commons

Family history

The Africa Twin was Honda’s flagship adventure bike in the late 1980s and 1990s, as a direct descendant of the desert blaster that Big Red used to dominate Dakar. For some reason, Honda let the model drop from the lineup after 2003, just as Mondo Enduro and Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor inspired a boom in adventure bike sales worldwide.

Then, in 2016, along came the CRF1000L. Instead of the 650/750 liquid-cooled V-twin that the original Africa Twin had, the new bike came with a 998 cc liquid-cooled parallel twin, with 270-degree crank. And, unlike the original Africa Twin, the updated 2016 model was marketed heavily in the US.

That machine lasted in the lineup with minimal changes until 2020, when Honda introduced the CRF1100L, with the engine revised and capacity increased to 1089 cc. One major update the older 1000 model did get: In fall of 2017, Honda introduced the somewhat awkwardly-named Adventure Sports model. This machine came with more fuel capacity, up-specced suspension, more riding modes, crash bars, heated grips, a taller windscreen, and other changes. Roughly speaking, this model was analogous to BMW’s “Adventure” sub-models in the GS line.

This machine gets new lights from Denali. Photo: Overland Expo

When Honda went to the CRF1100L model, it also introduced that machine in an Adventure Sports model, and that’s the basis of the bike for sale here on Bring a Trailer. Note that the model for sale here is a DCT machine, with twist-and-go throttle. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto infotainment systems are standard, paired to its 6.5-inch TFT screen.

(See ADVrider’s Would I Buy It review of the latest-gen Adventure Sports model here).

The bike for sale

Honda’s current-gen Africa Twin is one of the world’s most popular adventure bikes, and the Adventure Sports model comes with plenty of upgrade over the standard machine. However, there’s still plenty of room for improvement, or at least customization to a rider’s specific wants and needs. So, Overland Expo staff took this bike and tricked it out, with the intention of auctioning it off for charity.

An updated seat, for those long-haul days. Photo: Overland Expo

The project includes all the basics: Protection, luggage, navigation. From there, this machine got a long list of lux upgrades as well.

Armor: This is the basic starting point of any bike intended for offroad use, and Overland Expo beefed this up with an Outback Motortek skid plate and crash bars, as well as rad guards from AltRider.

Tires: It seems this bike is still on stock rims, but stock tires are swapped out for Heideneau K60 Scouts front and rear. The bike comes with a set of tire irons included, too!

New Heidenau K60 Scout rubber. Photo: Overland Expo

Electronics: Overland Expo added a D7 and D2 auxiliary lights, T3 SwitchBack Signal Pods, and a DataDim Dual-Intensity controller, all from Denali Electronics. For navigation, there’s a Garmin Zumo XT, and also an inReach Mini GPS unit (which should also handle basic satellite communication duties).

Brakes: There’s an AltRider DualControl brake system on this bike, for easier control.

Luggage: This machine combines hard and soft luggage. Overland Expo put hard Challenger 10-inch panniers from Jesse Luggage on the bike, with 45-liter top box. The sale also includes a set of soft auxiliary bags and tankbag from Wolfman. Note that the Jesse bags have a bit of scuffing; there is some mileage on this bike. It wasn’t just built, and kept on display for its entire life. The odometer reads 7,300 miles—the bike has done many miles through the American southwest, including some COBDR and AZBDR mileage. It’s trail-tested!

Miscellaneous farkles: Overland Expo put an LT2000 SuperWinch on the bike, a set of DoubleTake mirrors, KonTour two-up seat, and a centrestand.

Eva Rupert, Overland Expo’s motorcycle community ambassador, did most of the install (see below), although Ross Taylor of Rolling Living helped with the custom fabrication work for the winch mount, and custom lighting mounts for the crash bars. As well, Tim Hall from Bisbee Bug as well as Denver’s Colorado Moto Service helped with some of the electrical wiring.

Is this what you’re looking for?

If you’re looking for a farkled bike just like this, you can actually see this machine at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, if you’re in town, where it’s on display, although the auction closes the last day of the show, which is today (Friday, November 5). It will cost you a pretty penny (bidding is up to $17,500 at time of writing), but that’s a lot of high-end farkles.

And, the money is going to a good cause. As per the Bring a Trailer advert: “All proceeds from the sale, including the BaT buyer’s fee, will go to the Overland Expo Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization that funds groups and individuals who help protect and advance the overland community.”

It’s the first time the Foundation has done a bike sale to raise funds, although other companies like BDR have done this before. Find out more about the Overland Expo Foundation and its activities here. Rupert says “The Overland Expo Foundation, which was founded in 2020, is starting to fund its first projects this year. We are working with other non-profits who are focused on clean-up and restoration of trails and other areas in need; protect access to public lands; and provide education with a focus on how to overland responsibly.” So, if you buy this bike, you’re really helping out other adventure riders while landing a sweet ride.

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