Honda’s updated the US-market PCX scooter for 2021, with a new, larger-displacement engine.

Previously, this machine was called the PCX 150 when it came to the US in 2009. Now, it’s got an updated liquid-cooled single-cylinder powerplant, and it’s just called the PCX. Honda’s press release is low on details about the revisions, only saying the oversquare engine is beefed up to 157 cc. It’s fuel-injected, as you’d expect. Although fuel economy is always one of the most pressing questions for a commute-oriented scooter buyer, Honda hasn’t listed that detail yet.

It does say the scooter “offers a relaxed, fulfilling ride in a wide variety of situations, including around-town travel, highway commuting and suburban touring.” While running a 150-class scooter on a busy highway might not sound like much fun, Honda does say this step-through can handle it. The new PCX even has Honda’s proprietary HSTC traction control system, something you don’t usually think of needing on a low-power scooter.

Along with the updated features, Honda also refined the scooter’s styling, and gave it all-LED lighting. The chassis was redesigned to cut weight and improve cornering performance (curb weight is 288 pounds now). Honda says the under-seat storage compartment has been enlarged to have 30 liters of volume, which should make the commute much easier.

For now, Honda only offers the PCX in Pearl White in the US, at $3,799 for the bare-bones model and $3,999 if you want ABS. It’s supposed to show up in dealership showrooms in March. You can see more deets at Honda’s website.

The Metropolitan also returns for 2021, with a $2,499 MSRP. The Ruckus is also back this year, with a $2,799 MSRP.

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