Honda has confirmed what the California Air Resources Board tipped back in February: The ADV150 adventure scooter is coming to the US. And, we’ve got a price, and arrival date.

A few weeks back, CARB documents indicated Honda was bringing its adventure bike-styled step-through to the US, but had no indication as to arrival date or MSRP. Honda’s press site confirmed the news yesterday, with the acknowledgement that it was always dangerous to announce unusual news on April 1. But it’s true, not a spoof—the ADV150 is coming.

Honda’s presser says the ADV150 will have a $4,299 MSRP (plus fees and taxes), and will be available this June. It will only be available in Matte Black Metallic.

The pricing is a bit more than we’d hoped for, but it’s probably in the ballpark of what you’d expect. Currently, the Super Cub is the closest machine in the lineup, albeit a bit less technically advanced, and it sells for $3,749 in the US. Add in a slightly bigger engine and the rest of the package, and it’s easy to see where the extra money goes.

When the February CARB story broke, we gave you the basic information on the ADV150: It’s a recycling of current Honda designs (the PCX150 engine with styling lifted from the larger X-ADV scooter). It puts out roughly 14 hp, and 10 lb-ft of torque. It’s available either with or without ABS, and weighs just over 290 lb. The front wheel is a 14-incher, the rear is a 13-incher, and there’s 7.4 gallons of underseat storage. Fuel capacity is two gallons. There’s a twist-and-go gearbox, with V-matic transmission.

Nothing earth-shattering, just dependable tech from Big Red. And frankly, a bit surprising; with the current coronavirus scare, it would be unsurprising to see the moto-industry pulling back on new models, but thankfully that hasn’t happened here. Read the full details at Honda’s press site.

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