The gossip from last week appears to be correct, at least partially: Honda is building a new Africa Twin, to arrive for next season.

Last week, we told you several Internet moto-news gurus were going on about a secret leak, and that they’d been given a bunch of specs for a new Honda Africa Twin. The new machine would get a larger engine (a stroked bore, to increase capacity), as well as a bit of weight reduction, a new fuel tank for the base model, and other changes. It would be known as the CRF1100L. As before, there’d be an Adventure Sports version, and there’d be a DCT option for both the base model and the upgraded, offroad-friendly machine.

Well, Honda’s now gone and released a teaser video, saying there’s a new machine coming. Myth confirmed! And Honda’s UK arm has also set up a mailing list to keep potential customers apprised as to updates about the new bike’s progress.

Note that none of this actually confirms the specs we’ve seen leaked, including the tales of a 101 hp and 79 lb-ft torque rating. It does, however, indicate the story is at least partially true, and that we’d be surprised if the bike didn’t debut at this year’s Intermot show, if not before. Honda, like all the Japanese OEMs, is pretty good at keeping new models undercover, so we wouldn’t expect the early leaks that typify the Euro scene.

The new upgrades sound great, if the gossip is true, and the new bike will also likely be more environmentally friendly, as part of the reason for the updates is no doubt the EU’s constantly-changing emissions regulation rulebook, with Euro5 about to come into play.

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