There wasn’t really any doubt it would happen, but just in case you were worried, Honda confirmed it’s bringing the updated Grom to North America. Both the US and Canada will have ABS available as an option.

Last fall, Honda announced a list of changes to its mini hooligan bike (for overseas customers only at that point). Mechanically, it’s still running a fuel-injected 124 cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine, but now Honda’s upgraded to a five-speed gearbox (first- and second-generation Groms ran a four-speed). Honda says the new engine has max output of almost 10 horsepower, but it’s down a bit on torque from the previous version (7.74 pound-feet). Thanks to the revised gearbox, Honda says the top speed is also bumped slightly—probably not enough that any rider will really notice.

There are some other changes to the bike; there’s a bit more fuel capacity, but again, probably not noticeable for most riders. Honda says the Grom’s “striking new bodywork facilitates customization,” and looking at photos, it does seem the panels should be very easy to strip off and replace with something like the mini-ADV kit from K-Speed. There’s a new saddle, too; Honda says “a flatter seat accommodates varying rider heights.” Errrr, maybe, but this bike is definitely better-suited to Peter Dinklage than Yao Ming. Don’t expect a seat swap to make that much difference.

In the US, there’s an SP version of the Grom available for 2021, with extra-flashy colours. The States get the Grom in Queen Bee Yellow, Matte Black Metallic, or Pearl White (the SP version). The ABS comes in Candy Blue. Pricing starts at $3,399 in the US, rising to $3,599 for the ABS version. In Canada, there’s only the Pearl White Horizon (Tricolour) paint job, priced at $3,899, or $4,099 with ABS. For more deets, check out Honda’s US or Canadian websites.

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