The Honda Hunter Cub CT125 utility scooter is confirmed for the Australian market, according to in-country reports. reports the machine is headed to Aussie dealerships in August, 2020, priced at $6,999 AUD.

It’s a quick turnaround for the CT125; Honda debuted the machine as a concept at the Tokyo Motor Show in October, 2019, and confirmed its production in mid-winter 2020. That’s much quicker than the usual years of teasing the OEMs go through. Honda’s secret, for the quick concept-to-production timeline? Easy: The CT125 is just a mash-up of current technology.

The Honda CT125 combines the easy-to-ride, rugged design of Honda’s earlier CT models (CT90, CT110, etc.) with the engine and basic layout of the Super Cub scooter. Honda also uses that air-cooled single-cylinder fuel-injected engine in the Wave scooter, the Monkey and the Grom—it’s easy-peasy to drop it into the CT125. From spy shots, promo footage and marketing material, it seems Honda has put a semi-auto clutch into the CT125, and a kickstarter, so it’s slightly different from the Grom version that North Americans are used to.

When Honda debuted the CT125 mid-winter, its next steps were a bit of a mystery—COVID-19 had jumbled the usually-garbled corporate communications even further. Would Honda sell this bike around the world, or just in its home market? For years, the Japanese OEMs have had interesting mash-ups like this that never make it overseas. However, Honda started trademarking the Hunter Cub CT125 name all over the world, then announced it would be sold in Thailand. Now, it’s confirmed for Australia, too; the EU trademarks also indicate it’s likely headed to Europe.

But what about North America? So far, nobody in Honda’s US or Canadian offices has confirmed the machine will be sold there.

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