The Honda Forza 750 scooter is here, sort of. It’s just been released in Europe, but don’t expect it to come to North America, since the US and Canada don’t “get” step-throughs. It’s too bad, because this machine looks like proper fun.

The Forza line has long been Honda’s sportiest step-throughs, but until now, they’ve been small-to-mid-sized machines. Not anymore! Honda’s repurposed the 750 parallel twin engine from the X-ADV and Integra scooters (also basically the same engine as the NC750X, etc.), and now we have the Forza 750.

Honda did a bit of tweaking on the platform here, tuning the engine to make almost 58 horsepower (the X-ADV makes 54 horsepower). The Forza gets Standard, Sport and Rain riding modes, as well as a User riding mode where the rider gets to adjust the settings to their liking. Basically, the riding modes all have different levels of engine braking, power delivery, traction control and ABS interference.

The engine uses Honda’s DCT gearbox, which will automatically shift through the six-speed range for you; you can also change gears via the handlebar-mounted button shifter. The DCT itself has four levels of adjustability, depending how aggressive you want to ride.

The Forza’s suspension isn’t adjustable, but there’s 120mm of travel, which should be enough for European roads. The front braking system uses dual 310mm discs, with radially-mounted four-pot Nissin calipers and two-channel ABS. There’s all-round LED lighting, as you’d expect.

Outside the powerplant and chassis, the rest of the scoot is basic Eurostyling, but obviously bigger. The Forza has 22 litres of storage, so it’s a reasonably practical runabout. There are several luxury touches, like Honda’s Smart Key system to operate the seat lock, ignition and steering lock. Of course, a TFT screen is standard, with Bluetooth connectivity for your mobile device.

There hasn’t been the slightest whisper of this machine coming to North America that we’ve heard, as all the OEMs seem content to abandon the maxi-scooter market to BMW for some reason. With that in mind, there’s no North American availability date or pricing announced at this time.

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