The Honda Gold Wing has a few small changes for next season, announced today at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The Gold Wing has a reputation for going years between overhauls, but this update comes very shortly after the revised model was brought out for 2018. However, the changes are minor when compared to that complete revamp. Honda’s changes for 2020 are mostly aimed at improving rideability.

The Gold Wing comes in a base model and Tour model, and both those models are available either with six-speed gearbox or twist-and-go DCT.

All those variants now get revised fuel injection settings to improve manoeuvrability at low speeds. DCT Gold Wings also have hardware and software revisions to the control systems to make low-speed riding easier. The DCT is supposed to have shifting that’s more smooth and quiet now, with new rubber bushings added internally.

All bikes also have another USB connector added as standard as well, inside the left saddlebag. Some sources are also reporting the navigation system has also been updated

The Tour versions of the bike have their own specific upgrades. LED fog lights are now standard for the Tour model—they’re low-mounted, in front of the engine cylinders. There’s also some modifications to the suspension, which Honda says will improve front to back balance of the bike, as well as comfort and performance.

Of course, there are changes to paint options as well, depending on which markets you’re in, and some versions have blacked-out paint schemes available as well.

But other than that, the bike is basically the same—the engine is unchanged, along with the bodywork. Honda says the updated bike will be available in January of 2020.

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