Get ready, postie bike fans: Honda is about to introduce a CT125 concept bike at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

The original CT line combined the features of a scooter (modest engine power, automatic clutch, step-through frame) with features of a dual sport motorcycle (knobby tires, high-mount exhaust). The most commonly seen versions, at least today, are the CT90 and CT110, particularly because the CT110 served as a mail delivery bike in some countries. It’s particularly famous in Australia and New Zealand, where it’s known as the postie bike. In recent years, several round-the-world adventurers have taken them on exciting trips, including Nathan Millward, who wrote two books about his experiences aboard “Dot.”

The new CT125 concept looks very similar to those postie bikes, with the step-through frame, horizontal engine, enduro tires, chrome engine guards and other visual markers. However, the engine is the modern 125 cc air-cooled single that first appeared in the Honda Wave scooter, but is best-known for powering the world’s most famous mini hooligan bike, the Grom.

The original CT bikes were basically stripped-down street machines that would go surprisingly far off-road, as long as you kept your expectations realistic and your speeds down. Honda seems to be following that formula here. The press release says “While featuring a casual characteristic suitable for everyday use, the CT125 is positioned also as a trekking bike which is equipped with functions that enable the rider to enjoy it in the outdoors.

While display at the Tokyo show is no guarantee of production, it seems likely Honda will produce some form of this machine, particularly as it already used this formula (Grom engine + updated chassis) for the Super Cub.

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