Honda has shown interest in supercharging motorcycles for several years now.  But the company never produced a supercharged motorcycle.  But that may change.

Honda filed a patent application for a supercharged saddle-type vehicle in 2017.  The patent application emphasized the placement of the supercharger on a saddle-type vehicle.  Honda claims that its invention makes production and assembly of the supercharger more simple.

Patent issued

It took a few years, but the United States Patent Office recently issued patent number 10,526,982 B2 to Honda for their supercharger.  The patent shows the supercharger attached to the side of the engine of a naked bike with a trellis frame.  Think Japanese version of Ducati’s venerable Monster.

Honda Supercharger

A closeup of Honda’s supercharging solution from its patent. Image credit: USPTO


The patent shows a supercharger mounted to a V-twin engine with direct fuel injection.  To quote the patent:

“…internal combustion engine with a supercharger for a saddle-ride type vehicle wherein the internal combustion engine is a V-type internal combustion engine including a front bank and a rear bank, wherein one of the front bank and the rear bank is provided with the TBW throttle device.”

Producible means less expensive?

What’s very interesting is that the patent emphasizes ease of assembly and producibility.  Does the newly released patent indicate that big red is serious about production?

If they are, Honda will not be in a very crowded market space.  Only one other manufacturer, Kawasaki, presently has a supercharged model in its lineup.  It’s found in the brand’s Ninja H2 line and each Ninja H2 model variant is quite pricey.  The lowest price model is the Ninja H2 SX that comes with a retail price of $19,000 (€17,060/£14635).

Kawasaki H2 SX

Kawasaki is the only company presently producing supercharged motorcycles like the H2 SX pictured here. Photo credit: Kawasaki

If Honda Honda’s patented and claimed simpler to produce supercharger can be manufactured with an affordable price tag, it will have created its own product niche.  They’ll have the only supercharged machine at an affordable price.

It’s not clear how much savings Honda’s patented supercharger can provide.  But if Honda can bring a less expensive machine to market, they could take a chunk of Team Green’s “supercharging monopoly.”

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