Honda’s won a bunch of motocross/supercross with its CRF250R, and wants to keep it that way, so the 2022 CRF250R model is getting an overhaul. The CR250RX cross-country bike gets a set of similar updates, as it’s the same basic bike.

The Honda press release says it’s all-new. Is it really? Errrr, it’s much-changed, at least. The press release says the 250 engine gets top-end revisions that give the bike a punchier mid-range, while still retaining top-range power:

In order to achieve the design goals of increased power and improved durability, the CRF250R’s 249cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, double-overhead camshaft four-valve engine is significantly updated, boosting low rpm torque through modification of the air intake, revised valve timing and a straightened exhaust port with single exhaust header and muffler. Together, the changes deliver a 20% increase in power at 6,500 rpm, while strong top-end power is retained.

Honda also says the chassis is updated, drawing cues from the full-bore 450 motocross bike:

Meanwhile, the chassis—already exemplary on the previous generation—borrows heavily from that of the latest-generation CRF450R, resulting in reduced vehicle weight. The redesigned frame has optimized flex characteristics, while the modern bodywork facilitates rider movement and is more easily removed. The combination results in reliable tracking, precise turning, exemplary straight-line stability and overall rideability, thanks in part to an 8-pound-lighter vehicle weight.

So, the frame is different (Honda doesn’t explain this very thoroughly), and there’s new bodywork. At least the bike drops quite a bit of weight—an 8-pound weight reduction is significant on a 250 dirt bike.

Honda say the CRF250RX bike also gets very similar updates, along with the usual parts that facilitate cross-country racing: a bigger 2.1-gallon plastic fuel tank, an 18-inch rear wheel, plastic handguards, and ECU/suspension settings revised as well.

Both bikes are supposed to be available in North America this August. The CRF250R sells for $8,099 in the US, $9,099 in Canada. The CRF250RX sells for $8,499 in the US, $10,999 in Canada. You’re limited to one colour choice: Red.


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