Honda is patenting an adjustable riding position motorcycle.  Yes, you heard that right, Honda wants to give you two different riding positions on one bike.

Based upon their patent application, the two riding settings are sportbike and a more upright relaxed sport touring position.  You could have a sportbike for the twisties and a more touring bike for the remainder of the time.

One bike could support two different riding positions. Photo credit: Honda

Honda’s patent application features a diagram of a CBR1000RR like machine with the rider aggressively positioned forward as well as a diagram of the same bike with the rider in a more upright position.

Honda hopes to be able to give you these two riding positions through the use of an electrically operated motorized set of clip-on handlebars that can be raised or lowered by the push of a button.

Honda’s patent also calls for an electrically operated windshield. Photo credit: Honda

Additionally, Honda is adding an electrically adjustable windshield.  It moves the windshield up and forwards to provide a bigger pocket of wind protection.

Without regard to the added complexity and weight Honda’s system might bring, it does strike a positive note.  If you can only have one bike, having a bike that’s great for both the twisties and touring is nice.

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