Let’s talk about the Honda Grom. The cult-like following the Grom has gained since its introduction in 2014 is not up to Harley-Davidson proportions by any means, but any product manager who went out on a limb with a design seemingly out of left field would surely be proud of the attention the Grom gets. Recently, Japanese patent filings show that Honda may be attempting to take some of that Grom Mojo into the electric-powered bike segment, albeit with an all-new design, not just an electrified Grom.

The idea of the Grom as a not quite full-sized, not quite mini-bike motorcycle could be the ticket to bump-starting Honda’s electric bike aspirations. As a fun, not terribly serious runabout, the Grom need not have extensive range, power, or features, something an electric version could do without needing as well. Without having to worry about range, performance, or bells and whistles, the electro-Grom could go about reeling in customers to the unplug it and go era, getting them used to the concept of electron motivation before Honda unleashes their fancy electric superbike or ADV on the masses.

Cameras and displays instead of mirrors? Credit: CycleWorld.com 2

Cameras and displays instead of mirrors? Credit: CycleWorld.com 2

The patent images show a Grom-sized bike, but with a unique chassis and suspension, highlighted by Hossack-style front suspension, battery and motor held by an integrated monocoque chassis, and a few unique technical touches thrown in. For example, conventional mirrors are replaced by bar-end cameras and panel displays in front of the bars, shielded by handguards. The saddle forgoes conventional foam padding in favour of a flexible mesh.

Instead of taking a page from H-D’s playbook and going all-in with a full-size, full-featured electric like the LiveWire, it appears Honda may go with a lower risk route by presenting a less serious offering to dip a toe into the electric segment. With a far lower price point, minimal expectations for things like range and overall performance, giving the opportunity for the masses to give electrification a try, this potential concept could be the side door into the game that other major manufacturers have missed. Stay tuned.

Source: CycleWorld.com


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