Honda has posted an online simulator that lets you play with the Africa Twin’s TFT display.   The online simulator offers current or potential future riders the means to introduce themselves to the display’s functions without having to be on or own one of the machines.

Honda Africa Twin Display

A screengrab of Honda’s online TFT display and control simulator.

Online simulator

Perhaps the online resource is a hidden nod to the complexity that these types of displays bring.  But kudos to Honda.  They are taking the initiative to allow riders to use and understand the system before making an Africa Twin purchase.

The website provides a simulation of the Africa Twin’s TFT display and left and right-hand control switches.  The simulator allows a rider to adjust the multiple settings available on the bike.

Honda Africa Twin Left Switch ModuleDisplay

The 2020 Honda Africa Twin’s Left Switch control unit has plenty of buttons; some of which are not found on the simulator.

Once at the website, you will see a simulated TFT LCD instrument cluster with technical information on the display.  The visitor can customize the readouts with a click of a button on the left-hand control switch.  It’s found on the lower right portion of your monitor.

On the left-hand control switch, you’ll find a significant selection of buttons.  The bike’s arrow controls enter and back buttons, as well as other multi-function buttons, allow you to go through all the settings on the screen.  In a nice touch, several pop up panels helps explain some of the selected settings like riding mode, power, or suspension setup.

Unfortunately, there are no detailed instructions on how to use the simulator.  So you’ll have to fiddle a bit with the controls to understand what they do and how to change its settings.  Still, it’s a decent way to get a feel for the display and what it can do for you.

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