Honda showed off its two new Africa Twin models at the AIMExpo today.  Unfortunately, they did not reveal many more details than we told you about previously.  While Honda did prominently display its two newest adventure machines, much of their presentation was about the history of Honda.

Africa Twin

The Africa Twin looks significantly smaller than it sibling.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it would have been nice to get a full rundown on the new bikes.  So let’s talk about what they did tell us.

Differences Between The Africa Twin (AT) and Africa Twin Adventure Sports (ATAS) ES

  • The Africa Twin will come with a 5-gallon fuel tank as opposed to a 6.5-gallon fuel tank on the ATAS.
  • The AT will have a shorter fixed windscreen compared to the ATAS’ adjustable taller one.
  • The AT will come with tubed tires while the ATAS will come with tubeless ones.
Africa Twin

The new Africa Twin gets a more aggressive looking front end.

  • The suspension is significantly different between the two models.  Honda has decided that the AT will have manually adjustable suspension, while the ATAS will be given Showa Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment with semi-active control of suspension settings along with 5 suspension modes and electronic preload adjustability.
  • The ATAS will come standard with a rear rack and a larger skid plate.  You’ll have to buy those things as accessories on the AT.
Africa Twin

Only the Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES has cornering lights (just below the headlights) and a taller adjustable windscreen.

  • Heated grips and an accessory charger will be standard on the ATAS.
  • The machines will only be offered in a single color for each model.  The AT will be available in Matte Black Metalic while the ATAS will only be offered in Pearl Glare White / Blue.
Africa Twin

The view from the Africa Twin’s cockpit.

  • Claimed weights for the AT were 501 pounds for the AT and 524 pounds for the DCT equipped AT.  This versus 530 pounds for the ATAS and 553 pounds for the DCT equipped ATAS.
  • Pricing for the AT is $14,399 for the AT and $15,199 for the DCT equipped version.
  • The ATAS is priced at $17,199 for the ATAS and $17,999 for the DCT equipped version.

That’s not a lot of new information on the Africa Twin than we previously told you about.  But we intend to go back to the Honda stand tomorrow and see what other details we can dig up on these two new machines.




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