American Honda Motor Company Co. (Honda) is recalling certain CB500X and CBR500R antilock brake system (ABS) equipped motorcycles.  According to the recall, excessive grease in the antilock brake system modulator may collect debris.  The debris in turn may become stuck in the modulator’s check valve and cause a brake fluid leak.

Honda’s Part 573 Safety Recall Report states:

Excessive grease was applied to the O-ring of the reservoir piston of the ABS modulator. After continued use, foreign matter may adhere to the grease, which can be pinched in the check valve during braking and cause brake fluid to leak.  If this occurs, the braking distance (without ABS activation) will increase, increasing the risk of a crash

Not the first recall for ABS issue

This recall isn’t new news for Honda.  In February and March of 2021 Honda issued a similar recall for 2020 CRF1000 A/D motorcycles produced globally.  Then during the period April through August 2021,  Honda continued its investigation of several motorcycle models and the impact of excessive grease application on non-ABS braking performance.

A 2019 Honda CBR500R with ABS.

Based on certain characteristics such as vehicle weight, whether the excessive grease was applied to front or rear brake oil passages on the ABS modulator, and brake disc/caliper specifications, Honda confirmed the non-ABS braking performance for one family of motorcycles did not meet internal specifications.

The affected motorcycles are as follows:

HONDA CB500X 2019 – 2020
HONDA BCR500R 2019 – 2020

To remedy the problem, Honda will contact owners of all affected motorcycles by mail.  Owners will be asked to bring their motorcycle to an authorized Honda dealer.  The dealer will then visually inspect the lot number on the ABS modulator and if necessary, replace the modulator at no cost.

Dealer notifications of the recall are already in process.  Owner notifications will begin on October 29, 2021.

In the interim, owners may contact Honda Customer Service at 1-866-784-1870. Honda’s number for this recall is KM6.  Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to



All image credit: Honda

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