Honda has digitally rolled out its new CB-F concept bike which pays homage to the original CB900F machines.  Honda’s original intention had the machine rolling out at the Osaka and Tokyo 2020 Motorcycle shows.  But in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Honda becomes another manufacturer to roll out its machines digitally.

Honda says the CB-F concept machine is an ambitious fusion of cutting edge technology with design homage to the CB900F.  The bike houses a 998cc water-cooled, four-stroke, four-valve inline DOHC engine.  Honda says the engine “…eases through its rev-range and provides ample torque.”

Honda CB-F concept

Honda’s CB-F concept bike pays homage to the original CB900F motorcycle.

The concept machine utilizes a lightweight, high tensile stees mono-backbone structure to cradle its engine.  Up front, you’ll find an inverted fork which Honda says provides excellent road-holding capabilities over urban and winding roads alike.  At the rear, Honda has chosen to use a lightweight aluminum single-sided swingarm Pro-Arm configuration.

If you’d like to see and learn more about Honda’s CB-F concept bike and other models, you can check out Honda’s Virtual Motorcycle Show website.  There you can find information on 29 Honda motorcycles in various categories including the CB-F concept.

Please note that the website is in Japanese, so have your Google Translate feature at the ready if you decide to visit.  The same goes for the videos posted on the website.  All audio is in Japanese so you’ll have to try to get the gist of everything from the video.  Still, it’s fun to check out what Honda has and may have up its sleeve.

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