Honda continues to move its electric two-wheeler program forward, with Internet journos reporting a new battery bike for the Asian market. The new Honda U-GO is an electric scooter, just unveiled in China.

The U-GO will come in two versions, both with hub motors. The more powerful version puts out peak power of 1.8 kW, and it’s rated for 1.2 kW continuous output. The less powerful bike is rated for 0.8 kW continuous output, with peak power of 1.2 kW.

According to Elektrek, that’s good enough to push the slower bike to a 27 mph top speed; the faster bike has a 33 mph top speed.

Neither bike is good for face-melting speeds, then; they’re obviously made for intra-urban travel. However, these scoots do have some other things going for them, starting with the battery systems.

Honda put a super-low MSRP on the U GO in China. Photo: Honda

All the major OEMs are busy working on a standard swappable battery, a power source that can be switched between Yamaha, Honda, BMW, and so on. The Honda U-GO has swappable batteries; far as we know, they’re only swappable with other Honda U-GO machines, but the point is, Big Red is moving in the right direction.

The 48V lithium-ion batteries have 1.44 kWh capacity, but reportedly they can be replaced with a battery that offers twice the capacity. That double-capacity battery is supposed to offer range of up to 133 kilometres, or 82 miles. That sounds extremely optimistic, though, especially when you consider the U-GO’s price point.

Currently, Honda prices the U-GO at 7,499 RMB in China, which works out to roughly $1,160 USD, or $1,450 CAD. That’s a super-low price for an e-scooter with that kind of range, if reports are accurate. Even doubling its price for North America, there would still be interest at that MSRP.

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