Harley-Davidson’s  “More Roads To Harley-Davidson” initiative has concentrated on ways to bring new riders into the motorcycling community.  And, at least one other manufacturer is taking similar steps to understand what potential new younger riders think.

Honda Motorcycles UK is collaborating with Nottingham Trent University to understand student’s attitudes towards motorcycles and motorcycling.  To do so, Honda put together a 5-day long exhibition hosted by the university’s engineering department.

Honda Trent Nottingham University Exhibit

Honda UK collaborates with Nottingham Trent University to showcase powered two-wheelers.

Honda brought numerous machines like the PCX 125, Monkey 125, CBR125R, CBR650R, CB1000R, and CRF1100L DCT (Africa Twin).  Students were able to see, sit on and even ride one of the machines.

In an interesting move, Honda put its Africa Twin on a rolling road to let the students “ride” a motorcycle for the first time.  Honda believes the rolling road gives students first-hand insights into how motorcycles can provide a great source of enjoyment as well as functionality.

Honda Trent Nottingham University Exhibit

A Honda representative talks about motorcycles with interested students.

Gathering information

Over 100 students were surveyed.  Questions centered on the appeal of motorcycling, barriers to entry into motorcycling and their overall view of the motorcycles on display.

Currently, the University and Honda are reviewing the student’s responses.  Honda hopes that the research will help form a new approach that encourages young people to consider powered two-wheelers.  Not only for transportation but enjoyment as well.

Honda Trent Nottingham University Exhibit

Person to person discussions helps Honda understand younger riders.

Professor Alex Stedmon had this to say about the event:

“We’re taking a ‘user-centred’ approach to get first-hand insights from young people about the appeal of motorcycling whilst also exploring any barriers that might keep them away from two wheels. It’s a fascinating piece of work and a great opportunity to link up with a major manufacturer in this way.”

Honda’s UK Business Planning Department Manager added:

“As the market leader, we share in the responsibility for encouraging younger people to consider PTWs as a mobility option. In the face of rising transport costs and ever-increasing traffic congestion, motorcycles and scooters can provide an enjoyable, stylish, fuel-efficient and time-efficient alternative to cars and public transport.”

It’s great to see an additional manufacturer taking action to grow ridership.  Let’s hope that even more jump on the bandwagon and actively attempt to interest and enable future riders.



All photo credit: Honda UK

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