Honda’s updated the MSX125 Grom minibike again, and this time, it’s actually made some proper improvements.

When the Grom came out in 2013, it was a strange mixture of up-to-date features (electronic fuel injection, proper brakes) and old-school cheap engineering (basic air-cooled engine, with four-speed gearbox). A subsequent update didn’t do much to improve that formula; the Grom is fun, sure, but it’s still a very crude motorcycle viewed in its entirety. Still, that hasn’t stopped Honda from exploiting the platform to the max. Along with the Wave scooter that originally featured the engine, Honda now bases the Monkey, CT125 and other bikes around this 125cc single-cylinder motor.

Now, Honda’s updating that formula, at least for Euro buyers. Honda’s announced a new Grom for Europe, with an updated five-speed gearbox. Supposedly, the new engine makes just under 10 horsepower, and a little less torque than before (7.74 lb-ft). Nothing’s changed then, more or less, but the top speed has theoretically increased from 92 km/h to 94 km/h, thanks to the updated gearbox. Chances are, most riders will never notice this.

There’s a new LCD instrument panel for the Grom, and some restyled bodywork. There’s no major update to the frame or suspension, though; Honda wants this bike to look new, but it isn’t really that much of an upgrade over the previous model, except for the gearbox. That’s probably enough to excite hard-core Grom fans, though, because if you want more power for this bike, that’s available from aftermarket upgrades.

At this point, we haven’t seen any indication of when the new Grom will be available in the US, and we also haven’t heard if other machines based around the MSX125 engine will get the new gearbox (particularly the CT125). No doubt there will be more information about that in coming weeks.

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