Honda has confirmed the Monkey minibike will get the same basic tweaks as the Grom, for 2022.

The Monkey will now have a five-speed gearbox, instead of a four-speed, same as the updated Grom (which was confirmed back in March). As a result of the new transmission, Honda was also able to change the final drive ratio. There’s a 37-tooth rear sprocket now, instead of a 34-tooth sprocket. In conjunction with the five-speed gearbox, this is supposed to improve acceleration, as well as allow a higher top speed.

Aside from the revised engine (still an air-cooled 124 cc single, with fuel injection, the Monkey is mostly the same. Dual rear shocks, semi-knobby suspension, a high-mount exhaust, LED lights, retro chrome accents and a vintage-look seat.

It’s styled after Honda’s vintage monkey bikes, which were hot sellers from the 1960s through the 1980s. These small machines had styling similar to the larger scramblers, dirt bikes and dual sports of their day, but they were intended mostly for goofing around, or for kid-oriented fun. That seems to be the intended usage today as well—a generation that grew up playing hackey-sack and skateboarding are seeing motorcycles as toys, and goofy little bikes like the Monkey seem to hold attraction.

The modern Honda Monkey will come in two colours in the US: Pearl Black or Banana Yellow. MSRP in the US is $4,199 (ABS is standard at that price). Honda’s also recently announced the Monkey is going to the Canadian market for 2022, with an MSRP of $5,299. Canadians only get one colour choice ( Pearl Nebula Red/Knight Silver Metallic). ABS is standard in Canada as well.

It’s worth noting the Monkey slots into both Canadian and American websites under a new bike category of “MINIMOTO.” Hrm. Wonder if Honda’s got anything else up its sleeve in the near future?

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