It looks like there may be another powerful heavyweight adventure bike on the horizon.  According to Cycle World, Honda is designing a supercharged Africa Twin.  The evidence comes from several newly published patent documents with the Japanese Patent Office.

The patent features several drawings for a supercharger system.  That system is shown in a chassis that appears to be an Africa Twin.  If this is the case, adding a supercharger will certainly increase the machine’s current 101 claimed horsepower.  Add to that more torque, and you’ve got a powerplant that could put it in the running with the most powerful liter plus adventure bikes.

Perhaps Honda is feeling the pinch of producing one of the less powerful big adventure machines?  With BMW’s R1250 GS making a claimed 134 hp, Ducati’s Multistrada 1260, and KTM’s 1290 Super Adventures both pushing nearly 160 claimed hp, Honda’s Africa Twin is presently in the low end of the performance spectrum.  But by installing a supercharger, the Africa Twin could be in close company with the aforementioned machines.

supercharged supercharger

A diagram of Honda’s twin-screw supercharged engine.

Supercharged details

Getting into the details of Honda’s system, we can see that the supercharged Africa Twin will use a twin-screw supercharger.  Honda’s design differs from Kawasaki’s supercharger setup.  The Kawasaki design features a centrifugal supercharger that emulates the compressor section of a turbocharger.  This means that it needs more revs before it really comes into its own.  On the other hand, Honda’s twin-screw supercharger is a positive displacement system.  The twin-screw setup will provide a broader torque spread at lower rpm rather than a big hit of torque at higher rpm.  It’s better suited for an ADV type machine.

Honda’s supercharging system also makes use of direct injection and features two sets of fuel injectors.  One pair is mounted in the intakes just ahead of the throttle plates, and a second pair squirts fuel directly into the combustion chambers.  This design will also help optimize the bike’s horsepower and torque.

Although Honda is applying for a patent of the system, it doesn’t mean that it will reach production.  But it does show that Honda is thinking about making more power with its liter-class ADV machine.  And with the competition continuing to produce big horsepower, liter plus ADV bikes, Honda has additional incentive to bring a more powerful Africa Twin to production.

All image credit: Honda

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